Sunday, January 30, 2005

Jack in the BOX (for the arts)

Drunk Poets' Society

Aloha, JACK is going to be reading in St. Joseph, my hometown, this weekend at the BOX FACTORY. Its a pretty neat place that used to be a factory that has been renovated into a art center. I'm stuck in Chicago this weekend, but I'd recommend everyone to check it out, and support Jack & the Box Factory for the Arts. Check out there website at:

Friday, January 28, 2005

for the ladies

Drunk Poets' Society

the wait

It seemed
like years
I picked
a bouquet
of kisses
off her mouth
and put them
into a dawn-colored vase

the wait
was worth it.

in love.

- richard brautigan

Thursday, January 27, 2005

"the bedpost poem"

So ktb and I were discussing what we fondly refer to as "the bedpost poem," and decided that none of you could go another day without reading it. You might want to be sitting down for this one -- you'll see why...

Parable of the Four-Poster
Erica Jong

Because she wants to touch him,
she moves away.
Because she wants to talk to him
she keeps silent.
Because she wants to kiss him,
she turns away
& kisses a man she does not want to kiss.

He watches
thinking she does not want him.
He listens
hearing her silence.
He turns away
thinking her distant
& kisses a girl he does not want to kiss.

They marry each other --
a four-way mistake.
He goes to bed with his wife
thinking of her.
She goes to bed with her husband
thinking of him.
--& all this in a real old-fashioned four-poster bed.

Do they live unhappily ever after?
Of course.
Do they undo their mistakes ever?
Who is the victim here?
Love is the victim.
Who is the villian?
Love that never dies.

...I feel like I got kicked in the stomach every time I read that poem. k's advice of the day: change the ending. do whatever you can to change your ending.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sea of Absurdity

(...) I loaded my sacks with strange
stuff and ran down the mountain, across the
desert, and into the Sea of Absurdity.

_______Joan Jobe Smith,
from "Land of a Thousand Dances"

i read some
joan jobe smith
a little gerald locklin
on the tube
troops were still dyin'
joe brainard was right
"death is a funny thing"
whatever happened
to "three dog night"
"the door"
these new kids
aren't bad
but i've lost
all the really good stuff
artists who said
stuff about living
and dying
the ones
who showed you
other people were
just like you
they gotta be here
the janice joplins
the billie holidays
in among the ruins
with the beer bottles
and unopened letters
the shit-stained shorts
and dirty socks
i feel like
some german kid
where in hell
are all the jews

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Key of E

oprah's book club
defining "is"
and h-i-v
9/11 hard-ons
shoved in our face
hairless cunts
and pussy called cake
all burning
burning our eyes
as we kiss
our last
in the jagged shade
of atomic blasts
fire burning fire
i'm a deaf man
in a sea of fire


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Name That Company

I'm looking for a great name for a new company - mine!

The idea is to have a company that encompasses my consulting business, web and software development, media ventures (hehe, that sounds cool), and whatever else I or my associates decides to do. :)

Comment or email me with suggestions. If I pick your suggestion you'll win something! I'll at least buy you a nice dinner and a bottle of Red Hat wine. Maybe you get cash or something better if the company does well! Silly, stupid, and serious suggestions will be considered!

Requirements? I don't have many:
  1. Keep it simple.
  2. The .com must be available.
  3. Originality is always nice.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Few and far between

I've been having a hard time churning out poems lately, or at least poems that are any good. :) Here's one I kinda like, tell me what you think!

Bits of burnt prayer fall on my
blinking eyes. I am vivid
snapshots of other people’s
blues. I resonate a thousand
years since the first lover
said goodbye. Whispers
of yesterday’s thrill echo
on my lips like desert dust. I breathe
now held under water, under
glass, under a picture frame where you
stare at me laughing. Choking
and coughing and screaming blue
in the face but you can’t hear me. Burning
fire in a summer rain I said goodbye, pray
I come out alive. I come out
at all.

because i wrote this in november, but it happened 7 years ago january

so i haven't gotten any feedback on this poem from anyone yet. i don't know that anyone else has even read it. anything you guys can give me would be appreciated. particularly the end. i sorta subconciously stole the last two lines from a poem i read this semester. and because of that, i keep wanting to change them, but don't know how. thoughts? questions? comments? concerns? donations?.... :)

It’s November. Been raining
all day long. But as I walk
to my car it turns to snow.
Big. Thick. Wet. Chunks
soak through leather coat,
knit hat, brown hair. Should
have brought my umbrella. Like
the last day I saw you.
Wheels skidding on ice
as I pushed you from parking
lot to inpatient. Your hand
suddenly like a child’s
slipping out of it’s protective
mitten, twisting with
wonder as if the air carried
radiation. Eyes reflecting
icicles dangling off
doorways. I paused then,
creeping up the sidewalk despite
bitter cold. Tried to memorize
your face, reborn, healed
by snow, so that later,
as I watched you die,
watched your breath become
ice, slowing, freezing, I
would remember you like
this. In wonder. As if
you knew. As if comforting me
in advance saying—“Now, now.
There, there.”

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mass Confusion

Oak K, I know this is really confusing. Something might be wrong with me but there were lots of fun salvagable ideas in here that i thought would be worthy enough to share.
As Drunk as Always,
You beloved wine drinker
The Hadj

Purchasing the William-Sonoma Kissing Booth

I. Finding Love
What happened
to the old days when falling
in love meant a trip to the soda
fountain or making out
way back in the theatre or even
just pretending we were kissing.
I prefer hanging my ass
on the beats of the DJ
so she can check my
tag and find I am on sale.

Maybe we could pick out each
others clothes for a date. But
this time I want to wear
the sportcoat from Value Village
with the bright green pants, not
the tight leather fetish costume
she picked out last time.

III. Ameneties
When we pretend to be rich
behind my flat, like where Yves
drove us around in our Bently,
not me driving us in my Honda,
that does not mean sleep
in different beds and talk

IV. Food Items for the Villa
I thought we could light
drugstore fireworks and drink
Champagne from upstate New York
on special for $5.99, and our faces
could glow radiently like a large
paycheck or estate on the lakefront.
Tomorrow though, we'll still
eat bagels rather than
Egg and spinach souffle
with pomagranete torts.
We'll continue drinking
canned and artificially flavored
Henderson's Coffee rather
than enjoying the spectacular
aromas of Dean and Deluca.

VI. Order your Catalogue Today
And when we start kissing,
putting up our walls against
the rest of the world
can we bring everything
in our relationship together,
catalogued for the buying pleasures
of the American publish?

We could sell our impoverished
kinkiness like a blender, or
the beat up car, or the crappy coffee
and hang it all on the walls of a booth
where we'll just sit, kissing,
playing records with our
headphones on, ignoring
the rest of the world
as we bought it from the catalogue,
the one that makes us better
people and holds our
relationship together.

Monday, January 10, 2005

New Years Kids


Sorry I have been MIA. Will is right we need keep posting!! I'll try to get some new stuff together soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! DPS 2005!!

I still hear ya,

Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'm alive I'm alive...

Gosh I miss you all... I need to check this more often and actually take 5 minutes to post something. It's been a crazy year so far. Too much going on and not enough time to realize that I'll be graduating soon and I have to find something to do with myself. I have a few ideas, but actually choosing one and running with it absolute petrifies me. Any advice from the alums?
I'm back early because of NC duties and I'm bored to death. No one is here so there's nothing to do but I can't seem to get myself to go to sleep. So here I am. I'm excited for last semester's Opus to come out!! (didn't quite make it for exam week) Even though I couldn't make it to meetings once again I got to do the layout design with Glenn and get a little preview of everyone's poetry and short stories. I also have 3 poems in this time! (My bio contains DPS love!!!) :) For those of you who had advanced jack with me last spring, Blue Monday, Rythym Raw and Essence of Red got in. Also, my project with Jesse Montano will be part of the Undergraduate Research thingy (I don't remember the name of it). Basically I'll just set up a presentation about the project and show the completed works. It was really exciting to be invited to do that! Anyway, now that I'm finally posting I'm babbling so I'll find something else (perhaps my bed?) to occupy my time. DPS love to you all!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

because I wrote this just before reading Will's entry, here goes:


I kissed your mouth, your back
is that all you need? -Damien Rice

Please do not check me
off your scavenger list, that hunt
for experiences you need
to win at life. I lost

my nerve when your breath warmed
my cheek late last night, when you
leaned close without warning.

This morning, I checked your eyes,
saw her reflection, not mine.
It was never my name

you wanted to hide in the lines
of your poems. I am just a check
mark on your list, kiss
a girl you’ll never see again.

Where are you?

Seriously guys...what are we trying to do here? Turn out the youth vote or what? It's about the same pathetic ass showing, get off your asses and post. Who cares if it's a poem or not, I only get to check my email here every now and then, and I must say, for the last month or so, there hasn't been anything new at all to read from all you, my favorite poets. I'm starting to think hired goons and rediculous threats may be in order...for now, believe that if the posting doesn't improve (or start for that matter) the DPS tatoos will be forced upon all of you, probably right across the bridge of your nose. HA! Anyway, miss and love you all, much love from here in NZ. If you aren't posting, you better be drinking. I love you all.