Saturday, January 15, 2005

because i wrote this in november, but it happened 7 years ago january

so i haven't gotten any feedback on this poem from anyone yet. i don't know that anyone else has even read it. anything you guys can give me would be appreciated. particularly the end. i sorta subconciously stole the last two lines from a poem i read this semester. and because of that, i keep wanting to change them, but don't know how. thoughts? questions? comments? concerns? donations?.... :)

It’s November. Been raining
all day long. But as I walk
to my car it turns to snow.
Big. Thick. Wet. Chunks
soak through leather coat,
knit hat, brown hair. Should
have brought my umbrella. Like
the last day I saw you.
Wheels skidding on ice
as I pushed you from parking
lot to inpatient. Your hand
suddenly like a child’s
slipping out of it’s protective
mitten, twisting with
wonder as if the air carried
radiation. Eyes reflecting
icicles dangling off
doorways. I paused then,
creeping up the sidewalk despite
bitter cold. Tried to memorize
your face, reborn, healed
by snow, so that later,
as I watched you die,
watched your breath become
ice, slowing, freezing, I
would remember you like
this. In wonder. As if
you knew. As if comforting me
in advance saying—“Now, now.
There, there.”


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Read it, but it was hard cause it is so small. Very nice. Drunk poetry is the best!

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