Thursday, December 02, 2004


so i just posted my poem a few hours ago, right before the end of the semester student reading (at which i was very nervous, but it went very well, and i even received a number of compliments on my work). and when i got home from the reading, and class, and another el ride of free writing... i got an email.

apparently my poem, The Road, is one of the 3 poems by Roosevelt graduate student nominated for the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Intro Journals Project. so it's now out into the world, waiting for the winners who will receive $100 and publication in a variety of journals to be announced in spring 2005.

pray for my poem. and in the meantime, everyone go have a drink to celebrate with me. i'd say put it on my tab, but im broke. so if i win, i'll buy ya all another round. :)


Blogger KyleDel said...

HAHAHA!!! Hot DAMN! You gotta read me more of your stuff when I'm drunk more often!! See what becomes of them??? :)

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Blogger Matt said...

Congrats! I think a drink is in line for celebration (I support poor writers, you put it on my tab instead). Next time I do see you there is a bottle of wine with your name on it!

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Blogger ziegenhagen said...

Congratulations KTB!!! That's rock hard awesome...I wish I could be around to celebrate with you, or at least to get a drunken phone call while you celebrate...alas NZ calls to me. No worries though babe, i will tip one back for you, and you better believe that when I return, i will be joining you in a celebration drink...and you better bring some poems to read me, and I'll bring whatever crazy shit I can make up here. I love you KTB!

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