Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Christmas 2004 Chapbook X Change

Okay Drunk poets (and I guess now, sexy poets) we need to talk about chapbooks.

A few of us were thinking of putting together chapbooks for christmas time and I love the idea still but we need to keep on the ball.

So I propose we institute a schedual for ourselves:
By midnight on November 15th we bring together between 5 and 10 poems that we intend on putting in our chapbook.

Also, if you are a poet who would like to participate email your mailing address to me at matthewnickel@hotmail.com then I will forward everyones email and mailing address to everyone for the final mailling.

And on Drew's suggestion, we should do a secret santa where we send a wacky salvaged item for last minute inspiration for poems before christmas based on interested parties.


Blogger KTB said...

what? what is this fabulous idea? i want to get chapbooks from all my favorite poets again! though i'll admit i haven't written 15 new poems since my last chapbook... but either way. the secret santa thing. the chapbook exchange. it all sounds like a merry christmas to me, count me in.

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Blogger mer said...

yes, please! keep me posted

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Blogger Peter said...

if you decide to do a secret santa exchange, may i suggest you use http://www.elfster.com to organize it? elfster is a tool i built to help organize and enliven your secret santa. you can do fun things like ask your person a question without them knowing who you are. you can keep a wishlist, even a do not need list. if you try it out, i'd love to know what you think, just drop me a line from the "contact us" link.

may you find your inner elf,

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