Thursday, September 23, 2004

a plea for help!

alright poets, from the little bits of personal conversation i've had with many of you i'm guessing we're all struggling with the same thing: we don't know what to write about.

and i know, jack always told us to stop worrying what to write "about", not to write "about" anything... but it doesn't change the fact that summer has come and gone and we have little more than half a poem each to show for it (if we're lucky).

so my proposition. about once a month i'll post a plea for help. everyone comment on this post with a writing prompt. whatever sort of prompt you'd like. a first line, a topic, a set of words to use, a feeling, whatever. i figure, if we each put up one prompt that gives us all a whole bunch to choose from!

and of course, make good use of the prompts and when you come up with a poem you feel is worth working on, post it for the rest of us to enjoy and help with and see what wonderful things you did with our ideas. good plan? well prompt away my drunken friends! this will only work if we all contribute!


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