Thursday, September 09, 2004

Back Label Poetry

You are all so kind. I love you all. So I'll share another fund Red Hat bit: the back label.

In creating back labels (which I must submit for approval very soon) this is the final text for our retail wines. Let me know what you think. I know these are not poems, but I hope they come close.

Red Hat Wine is a table wine but is equally welcome on sofas, boats, and beaches. The wine is reminiscent of autumn leaves, the sounds of skates on backyard ponds, and long days at the swimming pool. When uncorked at home it can release tension caused by rush hour traffic and long days at work. Fine to drink alone, but is complimented nicely by friends, family, fireplaces, patios, and porches.

And my door is open when every you all want to come and drink wine with me!


Blogger Daniel said...

Matt, i love it. I might take "Wine" out of the first sentence to make "Red Hat is a table wine but..." Considering that it is your company, that may be a bad move.

Also, I'd consider removing the Oxford commas (man, this Easts, Shoots & Leaves book is killing me!) in "sofas, boats, and beaches" and "fireplaces, patios, and porches." Again, this is just my silly opinion.

I would definitely buy this wine. I look forward to walking down to Butch's and picking up a bottle. ;-)

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Blogger *k maria** said...

Matthew, I love it. :)

I have but one suggestion: I would change "long days at work" to "long work days," and maybe describe the days at the swimming pool with something other than "long."

I love the skates on bakyard ponds, the way you bring to mind every season....

can't wait to come see you (whenever that may be!)

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