Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Welcome to the DPS!

Welcome to the internet chapter meeting of the DPS. This blog is intended to be a forum for sharing poetry, life, and anything. Many people have and will be a part of creating this space, but points are awarded to Katie Budris and Kyle Delhagen for saying "hey, we need something like this."

The intended audience is those who survived the grueling classes of Jack Ridl at Hope College, but we welcome all who can raise a toast to poetry.

Let us know if you would like to become a member, and we'll let you post your poetry, ideas, writing prompts, or thoughts on life. Also, please comment, talk, and be an active part of the blog. This can become whatever we make it!

Update: 7-Sept-04 by daniel. | History of the DPS?
The original Drunk Poets' Society consisted of 4 members of a Hope College English 255 class (Spring 04) who met at the bar for their required small group gatherings. Eventually the rest of the class was admitted to the group (as well as honorary members from other classes), and special meetings were held at New Holland Brewery. The pinnacle of these gatherings culminated with both drunk an sober poets standing atop tables and reading poetry at the top of their lungs. This lead to the "Poets" being known as a regular Stein Night group, comparable to 'the theatre crowd' or 'greeks'.

As the school year ended, and the class (mainly seniors) went their separate ways. These wandering poets missed the opportunities to gather feedback on writing, talk with fellow poetry sympathizers, and communicate with friends. The Adirondack chapter of the DPS met once in early August and glasses were raised to poetry across the nation, but it wasn't the same.

Enter the blog. The DPS blog was started on a whim, to try to keep this group of new and old friends joined in poetry. Since we went live on August 4, we have added members from all over the country, and been featured in the Holland Sentinel. We look forward seeing where this online DPS meeting takes us!


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Also, don't forget to wish KTB a happy birthday today (Aug. 4)!!!

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