Thursday, September 09, 2004

Free Wine For All Drunk Poets Society Members *

Yesterday, my dad and I officially became Federally licensed winemakers. In celebration I offer everyone here free wine, BUT *you have to drive to St. Clair Shores MI. I have moved into an apartment one mile down the street, and one of the the most comfy futons in the world with a (somewhat) beautiful view of the lake; so you have free lodging in addition to wine. Not to mention if you need poetic inspiration, I have a few sites for y'all to see. Make a day or a week of it, there is plenty for poets. ;)

Peace, Poems, and Pinot Noir,
Hadji "The Grape Stomper" Nickel

ps. the website is


Blogger KTB said...

matt! i'm sure there is not a person on this site who doesn't consider you to be a hero. ;) first chance i get a break from this grad school i'll pick up miss karen in holland make a little trip out to see you. (yes, i do believe even karen would have some wine to celebrate the occasion). until then...

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Blogger *k maria** said...

Yes, my friend, I would definitely be up for a trip out to see you at the winery! I hope Kate can get out here soon! I'm sure we could round up a couple more fun people in the area and make a weekend of it. :) I hope to see you soon! (MISS YOU,MATT!)

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Blogger Drew said...

Grape Crusher,

Let me know when everyone's showing up and I'll do my best to ditch Beantown for it. If I can't make it in person, my liver will celebrate the event from afar.



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Blogger mer said...

Dear Hadji,

Free wine? Your company? Yes, please! I'll see when I can make it out...right now I'm working mostly third shift weekends, so perhaps midweek sometime.


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Blogger Daniel said...

I smell the aroma of a tasty road trip. Is there a sommelier in the house?

Do you have a website up yet?

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Blogger Siddie said...

Me too! Me too! (Nickel you don't really know me, but you are a household name.)

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