Monday, August 16, 2004

Lets Make This a Don't Ask / Don't Tell Poem


After Kelly left me for a MAN
with a REAL job, I bought
a food processor.

When Jessica said I sucked
I found a used vaccum.

Erin wrote "loser" on my forehead,
moved out in the middle
of the night, so I looked
for a garbage desposal.

Sally cheated an accountant,
so I bought a block of knives
from a late night commercial.

Martha threw stuff at me, which
I had to replace, the candles on the table,
my favorite VHS movie, and the window
the fire poker went through.

Molly said I was too nice, that she
felt I patronized her when I showed
affection, so I erected a statue
in the backyard for her.

Denise said there were too many
ghosts in my closet so I found
a great organizer on sale.

Kristina said I needed a spiritual life
so I bought copy of the "I Ching."

Beth said I needed a heart, so
I adopted a cat.

Amiee hated the cat,
and I wouldn't give up "Lucy"
so I decided to buy her a new
set of dishes, Lucy that is.

Tricia said I was perfect
as I was, so I bought
a new house.


Blogger *k maria** said...

why is it, that when things don't work out the way we think they should, we make other things in our lives change.

Like I'm wearing pink and hoop earrings. and my hair's not short. Molly buys shoes, kate takes me shopping, loves a new cd. We all want to go on vacation.

i love your commentary here. if my brain was thinking straight, i think i'd have pages to say about all the different relationships you show here. Each one exhibits a weakness: but a weakness of the speaker? or the girls in the poem? Tonight I think it's the girls.

A cat? i'd get a puppy. Call him aberdeen. He'd wag his tail a lot, appear to be smiling. That's heart in my book. but "Lucy" is perfect for this poem. i think she'd want pink dishes. :)

i've been watching way too much West Wing this week (it's adictive) any case, i love the title. it makes me think politics. and isn't that all this really is anyway? politics of the heart.

ok, enough of my random rambling. but as always - thank you for this. it made me smile. :) I can see everyone i know in this poem.

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Blogger Drew said...

I like the poem, and I agree with a lot of what Karen said about it. I buy CDs when I've been dumped (never ask why I got 'Automatic for the people,' never.

I agree with Karen's critique and reading that there's a problem with the women in the poem. However, I want to see that, I want "Kristina who owned a great cd collection" and "Erin with a drinking problem," or "_____ who smoked menthols ..." You get the idea. I think it could also be a great opportunity to add a lot of humor and empathy for the speaker to the poem. Also you can mix up the characteristics to add a lot of unique senses.

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