Sunday, August 15, 2004

Anne Lamott: from Gypsies

"I realized that I want what the crones have: time for all those long deep breaths, time to watch more closely, time to learn to enjoy what I've always been afraid of--the sag and the invisibility, the ease of understanding that life is not about doing. The crones understand this, and it gives them all kinds of time--time to get much less done, time for all those holy moments."

Anne Lamott from "Gysies" part of "Travelling Mercies".


Blogger *k maria** said...

You, my friend, and Anne Lamott are both so good for my soul. Thanks for this - in the middle of such a long day into evening. Want to spend some time simply breathing, with maybe a slow conversation thrown in, when all of this Orientation stuff is over?? Oh how I long to be sitting on the porch with a glass of your wine. :)

miss you - always grateful for your words.

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