Thursday, August 05, 2004

why can't i write anything new?

alright kids, this is the one and only poem i have written all summer. (i just started a second, but so far it's just a stanza that seems to be missing the poem, so that will come later i hope...) anyway, since i wrote it over the summer it hasn't gotten much feedback, so any comments or suggestions or whatever would be great. thanks friends!

could-have-beens don't buy you a beer

cigarette in my right hand, your
baseball cap backwards
in my left. I couldn’t taste
vodka on your breath or the cigarette
that dangled from your lips before
I shared it. and I am convinced
ninety percent rum kissed back,
the other ten percent this poem
that wishes I had kissed
you longer, knows I meant it
when I said I don’t smoke
when I’m sober.


Blogger Matt said...

this poem has a great feel, a swirling occasion of wantoness/love and slipping from your mind, but needs something, I see things, but not like when i am drunk on screwdrivers looking through one of those great circa '80s viewfinders.

The first line would be more effective with something more specific. "cigarette in my right hand" is too general. Describe an action, taking a drag, or waving the cigarette, or lighting it before resting it into your right hand, taking it from his lips. Was there something more to that cigarette than just that cigarette? If so, make a small implication for the reader to wonder about.

Try to replace "dangle" with a word that doesn't need a suffix, it will give it punch.

Remove "10% poem" from the fifth line from the bottom. Try replacing it with something more intimate, perhaps as simple as "...of me wishes..." or more intense "...of my friday night desire...".

Great conclusion though, stating drunkeness without stating it flat out as a fact. Not to mention, your title is incredable!


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Blogger *k maria** said...

kate :) (hope you enjoyed the amusing phone call from my phone late last night - good way to end your birthday, huh??) anyway...I'm having similar feelings about not writing enough this summer (funny how the only poem I wrote all summer had similar connotations - i'll post it later...) The baseball cap in this poem is killin' me - I love's so familiar, so worn in, so where you want to be with this person. if this poem gets longer, i think the hat should come back in - maybe with a few more details. Other good details to add: the smell of alcohol and cigarettes - it's so powerful, probably brings back so many thoughts about that night. Use that. luv you roomie!

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Blogger Matt said...

I can't get away, I've come back to read it three times. You know, it feels like there is more here than you have written. Maybe expand it, just free write till you find more that fits. The scene is amazing, the conflict is so subtle, wow. The troubled communication between two people... it makes the wonder, is the narrative and miscommunication driven by the influence of alcohol, or is it something in the relationship or desire. Ahhhhhhhhhh, it is crazy/mad/loving/out-of-it poem girl. Keep with the things that make you feel something, like when someone who has been drinking/smoking kisses you, those are strong!

Sorry, I can't get enough of this poem. :)

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