Wednesday, August 04, 2004

"Friends, Lovers, Drunks, Lend me your Beers!" William Shakesbeer

Well, the invitation to join you good folks was a wonderful surprise. In honor of the occasion, I offer you fellow drunks or poets, which ever you are, a poem. And it even has alcohol in it for your Drunk Poet theme!

The Last Saturday Night as Friends

Late one Saturday
you brought a book to read to me,
an exchange for dinner
since you rarely like to cook. It began
with me pulling ingredients
from the pantry
and even some spices
which we couldn't really afford
in those days. You read
parts of poems to me and something
inside me smiled, warmed
like the watery whiskey we drank to loosen
our edges at the end of a long day.
You danced when I turned on the radio,
your drink in one hand, you other arm
twirling with some semblance of grace
while I tryed to tap the pots I used
to cook to the rhythm of your love.
Your dancing proved more interesting
as you took my hand, lifted your drink
to my lips and I sipped,
until you poured too fast, spilled
on my white t-shirt.
I'll never forget you setting
the glass on the counter,
freeing your hands to to take me
two stepping, turning tight
across dirty linoleum squares
in my small kitchen. You whispered
something inaudable into my ear
but no matter
you told me all in the look
on your face,
the water gathering in your shiny eyes
and the gentle kiss I waited years
to feel, never knowing
it was you all along.


Blogger Daniel said...

Hey Matt,

I changed some website settings so line breaks work as they should.


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Blogger Matt said...

Thanks Dan, I didn't realize I needed HTML on that one, it had been a while since I pulled out the web skills. Thanks Dude! By the way, thanks for the use of your room while you were gone!

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Blogger Daniel said...

I changed the setup so you don't need HTML anymore.

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Blogger KTB said...

ah matt... i forgot how much i missed your poetry! i feel like much of my recent poetry has taken on a very similar voice to this one. i love it, just love it. i am so looking forward to being able to read more of your stuff thanks to this site. and to recieving your wonderful feedback again. so good to still have you around my vienna loving poetry friend :)

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Blogger Matt said...

ktb, I miss this group of people, when you could join thursday night poetry with k and i, when we read, hit up a little vws, oh baby, that great old Advanced Jack class. Keep spilling the words everywhere! I can't wait to read more.

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Blogger *k maria** said...

Matt, I set the bottle of your wine on our countertop when I got home on Friday (enjoyed it the next day!) and kept thinking how it gave the whole room a soft yellow glow. That's how this poem feels to me - looking forward and back at the same's the softest kind of hope. And I love the idea of a book in exchange for dinner (coming from someone who can make really good stuffing, and that's about it!) It just gives a sense of a relationship that is balanced in an unexpected way. I love how your words make me feel like I'm in the room with them... Thanks for this - your words are good for my soul! :)

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