Tuesday, November 02, 2004

N E W S F L A S H ! ! !

Drunk Poets Cry Out For Bi-Partisan Poetry Party

Routers--This morning out of Holland, MI, spokesperson Dan Morrison and his DDs (designated drinkers) Will Ziegenhagen and Andrew Kleczek provided a peaceful and poetic message in Centennial Park.
"On this election day the most important rights need to be exercised, the right to vote--and the right to drink," Morrison began. "And after we vote, we celebrate with drinking games and poetry readings in homes and street corners across America."
Ziegenhagen continued with the Drunk Poets Society's plans for a "poetry readin, beer slammin', peace-making, political partying Tuesday night--or in the case like 2000 elections, we drink till the vote comes in." Kleczek remarked on how that may go for a week to three months. The Drunk Poets Society also seeks donations for the American Liver Society with proceeds of beer sales at the party at their new lake Michigan mansion built with the incredable sales of Red Hat Wine in St. Clair Shores MI.
The event rules were followed as Morrison rapped to Kleczek and Will's beatboxing. If the Democrats win a state drink. If the Republicans win a state, drink. If "Kerry" and "Flip Flopping" are used in the same sentance, drink." If either the green party or the Libertarians win a state the case must be finished immediately. The rules went on until Kleczek passed out. He later commented that he drank too much Red Hat Wine before their performance at the rally.
Tonight the party will continue at the Dead Poets Society Estate on top of the dunes. See you there, drunk and poetic as always.


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