Monday, November 20, 2006

Long time, no poetry!

Here is a poem for y'all.
I hope you all keep "raging agains the dying of the light."

Standing on the Oregon Coast at 2 am.

We lined along the shore waiting
like a sea captains wife

waiting for his ship to sail in.
And the now gentle
waves lolled across our bare
feet, just after midnight,
the coals of our fire dimming
and us in the sand

waiting for some mystery,
when the orange moon
began to slide below the horizon
leaving the stacks dim
leaving the dunes to their
own thoughts. We lifted
our arms wide, waiting,

as if to hug the last glowing
sliver of the moon
slipping into the Pacific, waiting

for the chill of the still
autumn night to catch us

waiting for the warm sun to rise
at the mystery of the dawn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is beautiful.
I can picture the image and that is what brings words alive, what makes real poetry.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am
If you wish to share poems please e mail

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