Thursday, January 26, 2006

Question Regarding God and Vodka Tonics

The Meaning of Life
Owen Wilson is a Prophet

The meaning of life is a string
of summers that could be carved into beads
and strung on a necklace that i could
wear, and even lose, on the next canoe trip.

Between each evenings click
from the lamp, is more or less a string
of barbeques and holiday parties
where we dring vodka tonics, light beer
and cosmosmopolitans. We listen to
trendy indy crap we all
adore, we tell stories about work,
and I will raise my kids to do the same.
But they will know that we all sip
from that great big shaker in the sky.

Work is an exciting blend of creative
people and business people, and more
or less, my job it to
make people want to buy more
stuff they don't need
made by tribespeople in Indonesia,
but it really does look high-tech
to a suburbanite driving a Volvo
and listening to an iPod.

And God, yeah God, I love God, and
go to church occassionally, but
really, the most I ever learn about
God was from Linus, but I don't
remember what he said.

And mornings I drink coffee
that exploit people and drive
an SUV that destorys my atmosphere,
but its okay, I saw one of those on
eBay once, I'll just wait till
the next one comes up.

But the real truth in the world
comes from Owen Wilson. You see, he
thought he knew his father, but didn't,
and died for the wrong man. I think
that was a movie call "Aquatic Life"
or something, but people believe what
they will believe anyway.

As for me,
my father is in that book
on my nightstand. It is amazing that
everything God is can be summed up
in a book. I just bought a DVD
version of the Gospels too.
(Not to mention the kickin'
soundtrack)Sometimes I think I could
use the Cliff's Notes version though,
I just feel like it is too easy sometimes.
But God is close on my nightstand,
and I'll take off my cozy slippers
before I click the lamp,
kiss my wife, and say good night.


Blogger *k maria** said...

matthew nickel, my long-lost dear friend...i always find your poems when i need them the most, need to be brought back down to "writer's earth," need to feel for a moment why we all try so hard....miss you more than words can say, miss thursday night poetry dinners.... :)

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