Friday, November 18, 2005

I want it to stay half full

When I get that Call

It is usually when I am alone
in the kitchen
a bottle of wine, a homemade
meal of something
from an Italian cookbook
mom gave me, hoping I'd catch
an Italian girl. Instead
I am alone with a risotto
and a bottle of wine, and that
is when they call. She says,
"won't you come out" because
the time to live is now. But
when I do go out, I feel more
alone that when I am alone,
just me and that bottle of wine.
Kierkiegaard and I know
one another better, as well
as Asimov, Woody Allen, and
even Jack Welch. Now, I think,
I must reach out, so when John
calls cause there is someone
to meet up with, I might set
that glass down, leave the book
spread eagled on the kitchen
counter, and we'll enjoy
the night, meet friends
of friends of friends, and I'll
even return late, alone; or
we'll return late, together
sending the book to the floor
so the counter can make room
for the two of us. Yet days from now
I will ignore the urge to wash
the two glasses, one stained
with lipstick, that stand
next to the recorked bottle
we left half empty, that I can't
seem to drain, because
I want it to stay
half full.


Blogger KTB said...

i want it to BE half full matt. i just relate to so much of this... along in the kitchen with a bottle of wine... the time to live is now... but when i do go out, i feel more alone than when i am alone...

i love "the book spread eagled on the kitchen counter". so suggestive, and appropriate here.

and i love the end, not washing the glasses and leaving the wine bottle half full.

the use of a specific name "when john calls" is a little confusing. who's john? why is it a she speaking earlier, and a she who comes home with you, but there's this john in the middle. maybe take out the proper name, let it be anonymous.

i love this matt. makes me want to pop open my bottle of red hat wine that i've been saving for a special occasion, drink half, and leave it on the counter. love it.

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