Monday, April 02, 2007

DPS on Facebook

happy national poetry month to drunk poets everywhere! i hope you all blitzed sat/sun like the good little poets i know you are. i got a few groans from my freshman composition class this morning when i announced that we'd be honoring national poetry month by reading poems all april long. oh well, they'll learn to love it.

ANYway, just a quick post to let you know that Andrew Kleczek set up a drunk poets society group on facebook, and you should all join it. just search for the group, or find it on Andrew's profile (or mine, for that matter). and if you aren't on facebook, you should be. so sign up.

i think some people might be having trouble signing in because blogger updated all sorts of stuff... you should be able to go through the steps to get a "new" account. but if anyone is really struggling, email and maybe we can re-invite you to the blog.