Tuesday, January 23, 2007

from "Solidarity Is the Name We Give To What We Cannot Hold"

I am an antiabsorptive poet in the morning,
and absorptive poet in the afternoon,
and a sleepy poet at night.
I am a parent poet, a white poet, a man poet, an urban poet, an angered poet, a sad poet,
an elegaic poet, a raucous poet, a frivolous poet, a detached poet, a roller-coaster poet, a
volanic poet, a dark poet, a skeptical poet, an eccentric poet, a misguided poet, a reflective
poet, a dialectical poet, a polyphonic poet, a hybrid poet, a wandering poet, an odd poet, a
lost post, a disobedient poet, a bald poet, a virtual poet.
& I am none of these things,
nothing but the blank wall of my aversions
writ large in disappearing ink--

(by Charles Bernstein)