Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Inaugural Post...

Drunk Poets' Society:
Thank you very much for your kind invitation. Thank you also to Karen for such a fine introduction. Although, I now have something to live up to! I welcome anyone's comments, criticism, or suggestions. I also have a xanga site that I periodically post poems, pictures, or opinions if you are interested. The adress is: www.xanga.com/ir0ny

Here are a couple poems that I have written:

Fasten Seatbelts For Descent

I'm going back to meet myself
So he can tell me how it felt,
To be the one without wings.
Yelling into the depths of the gravel pit,
Voices echoing, echo, again.
Reflecting off the granular memories
Piled high in the depths of his mind.
Circumstancial consequence, irreversible.
Fading into an air of normality, take a breath
Not enough to trigger the alarm to
Whisper its plea, smoke, no smoking please.
It calls out to the foolish,
But I fly with Icarus, transcontinental.
Take a picture for the memories, but as for now,
"Attention passengers, this is your pilot speaking, we will be flying at 37,000 feet."

Here is a poem I wrote that I was featured in the Holland Sentinel for reading at the Herrick District Library.

As the Sun Shone Down He Professed, "Scrabble King I am"

Shadows long, fingers bent
Prodding, asking, growing still.
Hopes of summer erased as the
Temperature retreats unarmed,
Back to the way things were before.
Things that wishing can't erase,
But too many of them leave to me
Pencil lacking the
Eraser, my saving grace.
Grin and bear no more
Re-do's or mulligan’s.
Look it up in the dictionary, a word with y and z
Scrabble King I am.
Live my life like the game
Formulate, calculate, rearrange
Until I find the perfect words
The simplest, but score so low
With only an:
I love you
And then, the winning words revealed
I know you see the shadows too
And feel the chill upon your cheek
The wind chime sounds, the grass is already
Greener than before, summer hopes restored
Stay, smile, Scrabble King I am
And I love you.



Blogger Matt said...

Thanks for bringing some poems with ya in joinging us. I enjoyed them. When I get off my butt and stop doing work at work, I'll write more to bring with me so I can share something with you.

Keep poetry alive, man!
Matt (but my closest friends call me Hadji, so you can call me that too).

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