Thursday, May 19, 2005

Drunk Poet Retreat

June 3-5 could work well for my apartment and the sponsor. Later in June becomes difficult since i will be in Jamaca on a mission trip. If june will not work, the offer stands for July and August!
Peace and love,
Hadji the Reknird Eniw
(sorry, had too much in anticipation of the retreat


Blogger KTB said...

Sadly, friends, my June schedule seems to be filling up rather quickly... and then I'll be in Prague for all of July. So maybe August? But don't hold out on my account. One of these days I'll make it out to this fabulous winery. In the meantime, the bottle in my fridge will have to do. :)

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Blogger mer said...

How would Thursday/Friday, maybe through Sat. morning, work for you, Hadji? I am still working weekends and don't know how much more I can rearrange this summer.

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Blogger Matt said...

Lets Reschedual for August. I work weekends too, till 8pm fri, till 8pm sat, till 6 on sunday, and my two days off are mon and tuesday. So if people wanted to do a mon tues weds, that would be easy for me, otherwise the only way i have subs for me are on the weekend. We could do thursay fri sat if people could, and we could kick off the event with a thursday night at the winery.

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