Thursday, May 19, 2005

Amazing What Dancing Can Do To People

Whatever Happens, it is Left on the Dance Floor
For G and M

The band will strike
up Frank and feet
start moving and you'll
swing through
the song, forgeting
that you were even
dancing. After
one you'll enjoy
piking: the feel
of his hand
holding you below
your shoulder
like a pendilum,
smoothly sliding
suede soles
barely catching
in time to cruise
through another
West Coast song. After
two songs, you'll
feel each others heat,
and the lights
will slip by
like searchlights looking
for a fugitive
on the floor
and when you
draw her back
from a rock step
she will step in close
and hold your shoulder
tight, like
tucking into a shadow
to hide.

Then the ring
on his finger
will slip faster
than the tempo
of the latin
break session. Soon
something kinetic will build
and hardly let go, even when
you send her,
something electric will remain
fingers to fingers,
eyes to eyes,
and she'll spin,
again and again
with you around
swing away from the lights
of Club Atomic Dog,
late on Thursdays
when someone waits at home,
asleep with
a book in hand,
the bedside lamp
still and quiet
in a cold queen size bed.


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