Saturday, March 26, 2005

poems about art

Ok kids, pull out all your 19th Century Poetry knowledge... I need help. For my lit class (titled 19th C. American poetry) I have to create an anthology of poetry all related to a theme and write a paper on it.

So I've decided on the theme Ekphrasis, art about art. I need to compile a number of 19th Century American poems written about art. They can be about poetry/writing, about other poets/writers, about paintings/other visual artwork, about music, about dance... I can even stretch the limit a little and include poems about architecture, etc. Anything that you consider to be a poem about art. They can be be famous or more obscure poets. It doesn't matter, anything goes. And I'd love to include images when applicable.

I found a few in my textbook, just by flipping through the index of titles and first lines. But if you can think of any, I would be more grateful. Thanks poets!


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