Thursday, May 05, 2005

Drunk Poets Retreat

This summer Red Hat Micro-Winery, the unofficial wine of drunk poets, is sponsering a retreat in metro-Detroit. All Drunk Poet Society members and friends are welcome.

Friday evening will include a wine tasting and poetry reading and insprirational speech once Hadji is drunk. Local bar hop is optional.

Saturday morning (aka Noon) will feature a pancake and omlette breakfast with coffee to cure hangovers OR the option to eat at the little diner at the end of my road. Workshops will follow through the afternoon. A break in the workshops for a tour of the Edsel Ford Mansion is available for approx $10. Saturday we'll hit a cajun restaurant and continue the evening with fun and poetry (of course).

The accomadations will be crampt (Matt's 850 sq. ft. flat). Whoever brings the most food gets choice of bed or futon and choice of companion. Kitchen facilities are excellent and includes a wonderful cook (questionable) fantastic wine cellar (definately NOT questionable with 38 label choices and close to 100 bottles), a full service bar (i even have martini shakers), and a serene environment with fish tanks, plant life, and view of lake (sort of).

Dates depend on interested parties, availability, Matt's work schedual.
For reservations call 313-550-8415
Visit our sponser's website at

Much love,


Blogger KTB said...

Weekends in June are good for me! I'll pick up Karen and anyone else in Holland, count us in! :)

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Blogger mer said...

I like both the offer of a ride and the vote for the only month that's likely to work for me, too...I'm in two weddings in July, and probably moving in August? But June is good if I can get the final dates off work! I'll bring tons of food. :)

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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

this could help the booze drive

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Blogger Siddie said...

I really would LOVE to come! I have 2 weddings in June though. :( The first and third weekends. (I think... I'll double check on that) I can drive, or be picked up by ktb! :-D

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Blogger KTB said...

i hope it's not the first and third weekends sid, cause that's when i can go. either june 3-5 or june 17-20.

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Blogger aa said...

Hello all! Drunk poet stranger here would love to join the elitist crowd of poets this summer. I'm going to add the difficulty of arranging a schedule here because I'll be in Ireland from June 11-29, and have a committment on the weekend of July 8--who knows when I'll be going back to Denver--so, uh, I guess if it is a weekend I can make it, fabulous, but don't try to make plans around my difficult self! Thanks for the invite Matt--that is one killer offer.

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