Thursday, June 30, 2005

in 9 hours i'll be on a plane to Prague...

rain on Charles Bridge, Prague

night nestles into every nook the street lamps cannot
-Matthew Nickel

yellow-orange glow cannot
be captured
on film. in my mind I
take pictures. sketch
out the light lined bridge,
brick and iron.
carve in my footprints,
erase clutter, breathe in fog.

by day, I imagine the saints
watching through sculptures.
five stars on his head, saint nepomuk
takes inventory of tourists,
whispers inspiration in street
artist ears, watches the sunset, guards
the Danube by night.

I close his eyes,
nestle up to you.
let my red dress bleed
into the raindrops, teach you
to waltz, close your umbrella—
it keeps out the streetlight.


Blogger Matt said...

You make me feel loved... beautiful poem. I love poems that are atmospheric like this!

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