Monday, March 06, 2006

No one Should Ever be Alone...

when you’re in love,
by the edge of the sea,
your toes slowly digging into the soft sand -
a family of hermit crabs silently fleeing
the dangers of the tides -
while your ankles acquaint themselves with the salt
and shells that eagerly glide
toward the sun baked shore,
then scurry back into the tumbling ocean.

Breathe with the rhythm
of the constant rush of waves;
each time a crest fiercely
crashes onto the beach,
an explosion of countless chards
of watery glass
which cause the ground to tremble
and the air to swell and surge
all around you.
as the water nervously rushes
away, dragging
your secrets and dreams
out to sea in one jumbled,
dripping heap,
smelling of salt



Watch as the sun beats down upon the water,
spreading millions of fairies
across the horizon
to dance wildly
in and out of the rolling
valleys of the surf,
reminding you that
no one should ever be alone
so long that they forget
what it feels like to be needed.

when you’re lonely,
by the edge of the sea,
and try to ignore
the water rushing over your toes
and swirling around your ankles
and how the only thing that you feel
is the cold.


Blogger Matt said...

I feel drunk on the love in this poem. The deep connection to the earth in the coming and going of companionship. And wow, the sun and fairies, tide... this is so deeply cyclical, so passionately human. Thanks for sharing this poem,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful poem

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