Friday, February 10, 2006

Ridl's Last Class?!?!

Hey Kids, The word from Jack is that his last class is this spring. I didn't ask him about the details but he did say, "Yeah, we should have a huge DPS reunion and drink to the Cap'n!!!!!"

So I think its up to us to get something organized for the spring and have a little reunion. Maybe we could organize a reading at one of the theatres and invite Jack's friends and family. (Then get thrown out of a bar for reading poetry.)

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to bounce some ideas of DPS. This way we can come up with something to do for him together. If we could get some comments going on this it would be really helpful.

I called Myra and left a message this afternoon to see if the department was planning anything. I will let you know as soon as I hear back-

John Leahey, aka ONE DRUNKEN POET


Blogger mer said...

I heard this through the grapevine a couple of days ago...let's definitely plan something, do we want it to coincide with the Blitz (I haven't even looked at a calendar, don't know what day of the week it falls on)?

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Blogger KTB said...

no, not during blitz! karen and i will be on spring break vacation in london. but something, definitely. aww jack... the idea of him not teaching anymore nearly breaks my heart. but how blessed are we all that we got to enjoy him?

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Blogger ziegenhagen said...

Holy this for real? Is Captain really hanging up the old circus shoes and dungeon keys??? I don't know how to take this news...I'm seriously half excited for him, and half horrified that Hope wont have his amazing heart teaching those crazy fucked up kids (like ourselves) anymore.

Anyway, Blitz is out..he usually wants to lay low that night anyway...but I think it should be sometime right at the end of the year. Maybe even just after graduation. Give him a chance to really enjoy his students to the end, and then blow out a huge "we love you Cap'n" bash. I like the idea of renting a theater and having readings. Then hitting a bar in true DPS fashion.

I want to be there...if it's at blitz time I don't think i could make it either...but you better believe I will make the trip for this. We all owe that lovable man at least that.

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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

I'm thinking a reading near the end of the year at one of the theatres would be a good plan. I haven't heard from myra yet, but I will call her again tomorrow to see if there are any plans in action. Who's in holland that could help with the details??? Help is wanted and needed-

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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

oh I'm thinking we should do this incognito to catch the captian off guard.

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Blogger Daniel said...

I'm still in Holland, so I can coordinate the ground operation. Maybe we could rent out the Park Theatre. It's a great venue for a drunken reading.

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Blogger ziegenhagen said...

incognito is a good idea...that just means someone has to watch over me though so I don't call him drunk and spill the beans.

I suggest we find an attractive young women to take on the job of watching over me in my drunken stupors...any takers???

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Blogger Matt said...

I'll supply the wine... maybe even put lines from jacks poems on all the bottles... or lines from all of our poems... ideas keep coming, must get drunk!

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Blogger *k maria** said...

I'm still in Holland too, and would be glad to help daniel coordinate the event! sign me up!

and matthew...i like your poetry lines on wine bottles idea!

if we're doing readings, we should all work on new poems -- maybe publish some kind of old/new poetry chapbook in honor of our lovable Cap'n. we're all in desperate need of sharing our writing again anyway, and Jack would love to keep that with him....

much love, guys....miss you and can't wait to be reunited for this!

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Blogger KTB said...

i feel like i've been trying my whole life (at least, ever since i met jack) to write a poem about jack. but oh wouldn't it be wonderful to put together a chapbook for him of all poems about him, or the dps, or our classes?... the poems that really capture the essence of why we love our captain. gosh i can see him getting all teary eyed now.

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Blogger mer said...

Should we maybe move this discussion off the DPS blog, in case he wanders through (though I know he rarely does so)?

And I really really really love the suggestions so far! Any suggestions for an actual date, or are we waiting for word from Myra?

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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

Ok, I just spoke to Myra and it sounds like the department is trying to organize something but have not decided on anything as of yet. They are trying to pull names of students from Jack's previous classes to construct an anthology. She is going to keep my updated and I will keep DPS updated. I told her that we’re all interested in helping and that it is important to us to be apart of the undecided plan. Jack is teaching one upper level class each semester next year, and will be the first poet of the visiting writers series next year. I did mention that we where thinking about organizing a reading and put together an anthology,

What I think we should do is start looking into organizing an event and get a list of students from Jack’s previous classes to contact about attending or adding to an anthology. We will be able to coordinate this with the English department to make things a little easier.

First thing (part A):
I know a couple of you mentioned you are still in Holland. If you could get in contact with Myra to arrange a meeting with her and the English department chair and throw some ideas around it would be really helpful. My understanding is that the English dept has not committed to anything as of yet and I imagine if we stick our foot in now we can help out a little more. Let me know if that’s a possibility-

First thing (part B):
We need to confirm an idea of what we want to do. As in have a reading? Organize an anthology? Get sloppy drunk and read poetry? And we need to decide the scale/scope of the idea. As in do we keep it just to DPS or to we get every person that’s every met jack together?

Second thing:
We should scout out some of the costs of invites, getting a theatre, constructing an anthology, and my drinks at the bar.

Third and last for now:
We need a timeline. Need to decide when its best to have the event or whatever the plan maybe with intermediate deadlines.

To keep it simple from here we need to throw some ideas around about what exactly we are doing. Once we have a general consensus we’ll send a couple of drunks to the English dept. Get an idea of the scope from there and get things organized. How’s that sound?


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Blogger ziegenhagen said...

paying for your drinks will be easy...just put it on Leahey's tab at parrots.

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Anonymous barb said...


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thanks for letting me know how to be a part of all the fun.

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