Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's that time of the year again

That's right, I'm back to wake all your lazy asses up again, and try and charge you up to go out and vote. Yeah, next Tuesday is going to be super...or should I say it's Super Tuesday next week, so go vote. I know I know, it's "only" local elections, but the argument could be made that the people who are elected next week will have a more visible impact on your lives in the upcoming years than the people elected in 2006. That doesn't mean you shouldn't vote next year...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the day next's to nice weather, clear roads, and easy to read can always hope. Just so you know...Chris Coleman is going to beat the shit out of Randy Kelly in St. Paul, MN (Kelly made the mistake of stumping for President Bush in the last campaign...which is political suicide here in the ultra liberal Twin Cities), and the race in my Minneapolis is much closer, between a long time family friend, Peter McGlaughlin, and incumbent RT Rybak. It looks like Rybak will win. Anyway, that's the update now you should go figure out what things look like in your neck of the woods. Then go vote on Tuesday...then go out and buy yourself a drink, cause you just participated in the democratic process. What a wonderful thing.


Blogger Matt said...

Sorry, Dude, I thin k I was so drunk when I voted, atht I voted for lthe wrong fing dude. By the way, was Thomas Mann on the ballot?

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