Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The first in a while

I haven't been writing much lately, or rather I haven't been writing at all lately, but just the other day I had a bit of inspiration creep into me after reading through Andrea Cleary's chap book and this is what came out.

As always, it isn't the rosiest of poems, but I like it (that doesn't mean that Andrea's chap book was depressing, in fact it was quite the opposite). Of course feedback and comments are greatly appreciated...

The Closet

I’ll hang my dreams
in the closet,
in between the grey
suit that doesn’t fit
and the tattered shirt
you bought me in Amsterdam.
They’ll drip India
and starry nights
to the floorboards below,
emanating aromas of confusion
until dry and worn-out.

I meant it when I said I love you,
but the words floated
in the silence, bouncing
off the screaming tea kettle
and resting in your still-warm shoes
where they mingled
with the soft beams of sun
that paint the radiators.

I’ll sleep,
haunted by winter,
wrapped in the cruelty of being
alone, the fear of being loved. I’ll taste
my own blood
as it swirls around the wine glass,
filled with hints of Bread Crusts, Train Rides,
and Sandalwood -

and I’ll hold your hand as I dream,
for what else is there
to keep me warm
until December; to sew together
the three pieces
of my heart that sit ignored
on the shelf in the closet.


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willie, you break my heart...

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