Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More political ranting

Hey everyone...I just needed to get this off my chest. Just yesterday I was sitting in a coffee shop doing some writing for a book I am working on, and I couldn't help overhearing a woman a couple of tables over talking to a couple of younger women. She was describing how the issue of education in politics is very important to her, I am assuming because she is herself an educator, or so she made it seem. My heart was warmed by this, at least until she continued. She went on to explain that she was "done" voting, that she felt there were too many issues on the global and international level for her to keep up with, and because of this, she felt too frustrated to have the will to vote any more. She felt that she would never be given enough accurate information to make a good final vote worthy decision.

I understand the woman's frustrations. In this day of 24 hour news casts, wars on terror and ever present threat of attack, crumbling education systems, growing economic gaps, changing environmental policies, and much much more, it is hard to keep up with it all. In fact, it is basically impossible. One would do good to realize that not even the President understands EVERYTHING. That's why he surrounds himself with a team of thousands upon thousands of advisors and staffers. In this way, he tries to make the best choices with the best information that is available to him. All politicians do this, and whether you agree with their choices or not, if you do not give your feedback, or your vote, you have no say in anything. The decisions really are made by those who show up.

What the lady in the coffee shop needs to understand, as well as the rest of us, is that even if you don't understand all the issues, and even if you don't know what you think about a number of issues, there must be at least a few issues which you do have a passion for. For her it would have been education. So then, focus on those issues, and vote accordingly, and when you get the chance, take the time to learn a little more about other issues that you might find interesting. You don't have to know everything, but if you don't vote you are selling yourself short. Voting is a right...that means that is something which you have earned. Not something you have cause it's nice, or something you have cause it is cute...it is something which as an American citizen you DESERVE. Not voting is just a pathetic form of giving up...both on your country, and equally importantly, yourself. Come on people, let's be heard. Let's refuse to go unheard. Let's go out there and get what we deserve. Let's vote.


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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

I'm looking to advance my life by way of pretty girls? Any chance you can help me there. I'm good in the ed department.

Will, hope things are good, miss ya bud. I need some of those cigs. The Times had a bunch of op-eds the past couple of weeks on weekend voting more accessible. There were some interesting perspectives about voters. Might be of interest to you.

I'm not a fan of the idea of not using one's right to vote, but the teacher not voting is her right. People should take interest in issues that affect them, but people should take interest in a lot of things they just don't. Politicians know this and target specific audiences, use certain words to get people to vote... like tax RELIEF, PARTIAL-BIRTH. Put the spin on things. Recent elections have been won on a couple of issues and good organization. As we can tell its really not the candidate that we are voting for. Its the story he is selling you...nasty war on TERROR.

We do need to vote, just as much as I need to study...but that's just it, sometimes it doesn't happen cause its choice that we are given-

This woman, instead of complaining about politics and education should do something about it. Look to local and state government to change education. Local politicians love hearing from their constituents. Get on the horn and make a difference. What is your complaint about government? It’s your government, change it.


PS. From Time this week,

335 Days = Days Ronald Regan spent in Santa Barbara, Calif., during his eight-year presidency

326 Days = Number of full or partial days, as of last Friday, that George W. Bush spent in Crawford, Texas since taking office in 2001.

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Blogger ziegenhagen said...

We all already have BA's, and many of us are already going for further degrees...no need for advanment here. Although I like your idea of advancment in the field of pretty girls Leahy.

I agree that focusing on too few issues is dangerous, especially when those issues are ones such as abortion, and gay rights, two issues which will not be completely changed or solidified within the time span of just one politicians terms.

I do think that right now though, people have time to focus on the issues that are important to them, start understanding where different candidates may line up with said issues, and then begin studying others. By the time elections role around in 2006, they will be pretty damned informed.

I also agree that people need to vote this november and put a strong focus on their local elections. These are the ones that are going to have a strong impact on your local issues, including education, transportation, parks, drinking laws...and much much more.

It is your right to not vote, but I don't respect you if you don't, simply because NO ONE has EVER given me a good reason why they don't vote. COme up with one of those, and maybe I'lll listen, until then, just vote.

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