Saturday, July 09, 2005

I've really missed poetry workshops, and tried to form a reading group back when more of us still lived in Holland. I would still love to form something like this if enough of us would be willing to commit--but, our numbers are dwindling. So short of that, I was wondering what any of you thought of an active, long-distance "workshop." I know we have this site, but I know I don't always post really rough, or personal, poems here because let's face it, it's public. It's not the dungeon. It's not looking at all of you across those tables and knowing we're in a safe space. So I was thinking we could either electronically swap, or even (my ideal format) we could mail a few poems at a time to whoever's interested and committed.

Maybe it'd be too much work. But I've missed the active sharing and supporting and such. The DPS blog is a great way to keep a collective journal and share, but I guess I really do want marks on paper, stacks of poetry. I like actual comments written on actual pages, and I personally respond better that way. And a year until grad school workshops is a long time to wait.

Which, by the way, I'm applying to MFA programs. It's official. I have to really get my butt in gear, but I'm incredibly excited and realizing more and more that this is necessary and wonderful and welcome.


Blogger Matt said...

I'd love to Mer, but physical proximity would keep me from most of the meetings. Peace gal,

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