Thursday, February 03, 2005

it's 3 a.m. and only appropriate

that I post to the Drunk Poets blog. I just saw Siddie and Toddie and talked earlier to Del online, and these conversations only remind me how much I miss you all.

Tonight I happened upon Lemonjello's montly poetry reading--clear forgot, though it's always the first Wednesday of the month (hint hint)--and didn't have anything to read. That is, until I remembered a few earlier drafts posted on this site. So I printed what I could, made what revisions I remembered, and read my poems PLUS the Erica Jong "...Four-Poster" at that li'l corner coffee shop. Afterwards, this high school gal came up:

"Hey!" her sparkle-eyeshadowed eyes blinked.

"Hi!" I tried to grab my latte from the counter behind us.

"Um, what was the name of that last poem you read..." she glanced at her friends.

"Oh, um," I interrupted, thinking back to the last ones--perhaps she means Reunions?

"...oh yeah! The one about the bed...?" She grinned and her friends nodded.

"Oh!!" I smiled. "Yeah! That was Parable of the Four-Poster," by Erica Jong, J-o-n-g."

She grinned again. "Thanks so much!!! I'm going to Google that as soon as I get home!"

So. I'm going to go sleep off the fuzzy navels and dollar-fifty draft beer. Here's to sweet dreams and budding poets (or at least poetry fans) and swift reunions.


Blogger KTB said...

so appropriate mer. and such a good story. such a good POEM. i'm so glad it's been passed on. :)

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