Monday, February 07, 2005

Because I had fun tinkering with this tonight, I thought I'd share. Feel free to offer suggestions--ironically I couldn't find my little tin of fortune cookie slips tonight (that's what happens after I clean my room). In fact, if you've seen better fortunes that might fit, I'd love to tinker with this poem some more. Or just share funny fortunes (in bed, in bed!). Love and happiness to all!


I keep fortune cookie proverbs on pretense
of someday using them in a sculpture.
I like keeping the charming faux wisdom, as if
on a bad day I might find tucked in my change
purse, “You are strong and brave!” Or a lover,
brushing his teeth in the morning, finds
taped to the mirror, “You are the shining star
of his existence, lucky number 17” and know that we
were destined to fall inextricably in love. My father
will understand when I silently hand him “Good fortune
is coming to you in due time,” and I will answer
all letters with the duplicate “True love is in your
destiny” slip that’s appeared in over twenty cracked
cookies yet and we will believe every last word.


Blogger ziegenhagen said...

I love it Mer...Fortune cookies are one of the great wondersof this world. The hopfefulness with which we open them, and read them is incredible...and the laughter, funny looks, and hopes they evoke are priceless. With that said, I always keep my favorites. I only have four that were keepable...and one which I have never recieved but my friend has TWICE. Here they are...enjoy...

Bad habits are hard to break. Especially if you like them. (I find this one especially fitting for me)

You will step on the soil of many countries.

Reality is for people who lack imagination.

Your fliar for the creative taken an important place in your life. (typos are ALWAYS funny)

and my friend has gotten this one twice...

You are the master of every situation.

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Blogger Daniel said...

Its great Mer!

My two most recent are:

"A new job is in the offering"

"More money and travel is [sic] in your future"

Sounds like I'm in for some fun!

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Blogger KTB said...

i have "you love life will be happy and harmonious" hanging on my bulletin board, and "fine release from your cares and have a good time" in my wallet. but you have a whole tin?? i think i may need to start saving them more often... :)

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Blogger Siddie said...

It's great. I agree with Will - wonders of the world. I save them and later find them in various purses, pockets, etc. Right now I have "You are the guiding star of his existence" taped on my monitor, and found "Versatility is one of your outstanding traits" in my purse. Funny story - a few weeks ago I went with a guy I was seeing to his frat informal. We ate at a Japanese restaraunt in GR. When I tried to show him my fortune, he said, "I'll check that out later, in bed. (wink wink)" The fortune said, "You are talented in many ways." It was hilarious. He didn't, and actually he hasn't really spoken to me since (strange situation) so I guess it wasn't meant to be.

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