Saturday, January 08, 2005

Where are you?

Seriously guys...what are we trying to do here? Turn out the youth vote or what? It's about the same pathetic ass showing, get off your asses and post. Who cares if it's a poem or not, I only get to check my email here every now and then, and I must say, for the last month or so, there hasn't been anything new at all to read from all you, my favorite poets. I'm starting to think hired goons and rediculous threats may be in order...for now, believe that if the posting doesn't improve (or start for that matter) the DPS tatoos will be forced upon all of you, probably right across the bridge of your nose. HA! Anyway, miss and love you all, much love from here in NZ. If you aren't posting, you better be drinking. I love you all.


Blogger mer said...


I'm afraid
I'm beginning
to love
the idea of DPS

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