Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Name That Company

I'm looking for a great name for a new company - mine!

The idea is to have a company that encompasses my consulting business, web and software development, media ventures (hehe, that sounds cool), and whatever else I or my associates decides to do. :)

Comment or email me with suggestions. If I pick your suggestion you'll win something! I'll at least buy you a nice dinner and a bottle of Red Hat wine. Maybe you get cash or something better if the company does well! Silly, stupid, and serious suggestions will be considered!

Requirements? I don't have many:
  1. Keep it simple.
  2. The .com must be available.
  3. Originality is always nice.


Blogger mer said...

I'm mostly kidding, but...after going through generic and not-inspiring names and finding them all already claimed in cyberspace, I was near giving up. I decided to play around with your name (hey, why not?) and found that "Dan the Media Man" is available as not only a .com, but .net, .org, .biz, .info AND .us.

So there you go:


It's not quite professional, but it's fun and silly. You could have a little caricature dude, a la CoolBeans, as your logo. He could be animated on your website, hey, Dan the Media Man could be the next Ask Jeeves of the media world.

Just think!

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Blogger Stephen Saul said...


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Blogger Matt said...

Some company names in my area:

Chemistri (Large Ad firm)
Loft417 (Two person "boutique" full service design and
web development
Woodward Media Group (One man web development)
DVDetroit (All media: TV, Radio, Web, Print and Brand Development... only a 3 person organization).

Since I just when through this a year ago looking for such a company, and freelance write for such companies and business consulting firms, I have a few suggestions for you:

Try and make yourself sound bigger than you are. If a company comes to you seeing Morrison Web Company, it is apparent you are a one man team. That is great if you run a hardware store, but people want big names.

Resolve this by adding something like Woodward Media GROUP, OR Horizon Partners, LLC; or Plone Solutions Co. If you form yourself into a corporation, and add your corporate letters, that is very impressive to others as well (though the paperwork is a bit of a pain in the tail).

I guess you just need a name that reflects your style and lets potential clients know you are serious, not just some kid and a computer (which majority of web designers seems to be).

Here are some links to really pro looking companies:

I hope this helps. Good luck and if you ever need to hire writers, I am sure the drunk poets will work for wine!

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