Thursday, January 27, 2005

"the bedpost poem"

So ktb and I were discussing what we fondly refer to as "the bedpost poem," and decided that none of you could go another day without reading it. You might want to be sitting down for this one -- you'll see why...

Parable of the Four-Poster
Erica Jong

Because she wants to touch him,
she moves away.
Because she wants to talk to him
she keeps silent.
Because she wants to kiss him,
she turns away
& kisses a man she does not want to kiss.

He watches
thinking she does not want him.
He listens
hearing her silence.
He turns away
thinking her distant
& kisses a girl he does not want to kiss.

They marry each other --
a four-way mistake.
He goes to bed with his wife
thinking of her.
She goes to bed with her husband
thinking of him.
--& all this in a real old-fashioned four-poster bed.

Do they live unhappily ever after?
Of course.
Do they undo their mistakes ever?
Who is the victim here?
Love is the victim.
Who is the villian?
Love that never dies.

...I feel like I got kicked in the stomach every time I read that poem. k's advice of the day: change the ending. do whatever you can to change your ending.


Blogger mer said...

Oh, my word.

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Blogger KTB said...

yep. kicks me in the stomach everytime.

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Blogger ziegenhagen said...

Yeah...that sounds familiar. I'll see what I can do to change my ending.

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