Sunday, December 05, 2004

kyle posts... whoa...

okay. holy shit. i'm going to shoot this computer. this is the millionth time i've tried posting this. if it doesn't work this time, forget it.

what did i say at first? oh. schenectady sucks. no good coffee shops. fuck capitalism. yadda yadda yadda. love you all. peace.

Coffee Shop; Schenectady
While my heart warms slowly
on a stone hearth next to a loaf
of honey wheat, Petula Clark
aches to go back downtown, but I'm
content to sit in this corner booth,
nailed like Jesus to the wall. Dim lights,
soft hum off the neon sign -- why is
sloppy cursive considered fancy?-- young
couple having lunch. If this were
a Hitchcock film, I'd be more suspicious
of the two guys talking on cell phones, while
sitting at the same table.
As the sun pulls the blanket back
over his head, a pot drops on the other
side of the wall; kitchen. Did Poe
watch bagels spread creme cheese on
themselves, while sitting in an opium den?


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