Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas, Poets!

As we celebrate the holiday, its time to discuss what the DPS wants for Christmas. Here are some things one the list.
  • Activity - Posts are coming slow these days. Do we need to invite more bloggers? Do we need a poem of the week? Should we invite Jack's classes to hang out here?

  • Visuals - KTB is working on this one... We may have some prettiness in store someday.

  • Cool Stuff - (among others) is available... should we move up the food chain? This could have some interesting side-effects:
    • email addresses (
    • personalized blogs (
    • Categories! Make blog posts with one or more categories (Original Poetry, Drunken Story, Announcement, etc.)
    • Other fun stuff I haven't thought of yet.
    This could be really fun. If we want to do it, we just need a little cash. Would you donate $10 to do this?

  • T-shirts - Karen and KTB are pushing for these. I'm sure they'll weigh in.

So what do you want for Christmas? Something on this list? Something else? Comment away, and we'll go from there.


Blogger ziegenhagen said...

I would love t shirts...count me in for the 'donation" and whatever, although it may be hard to get it to you from here in NZ, but when I return, assuming I make it, I will be good for it. The website would be cool too, but I don't know shit about any of that so I will leave that up to you mister van morrison. Other than that, the only suggestion I have is tatoos, matching ones, for all of us. Something simple yet sophisticated, like a DPS on everyones inner wrist or know, just so we can easily identify our kind. Much Kiwi love for all of you drunken poets.

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Blogger KTB said...

willie, if i weren't afraid of needles i'd be in on the tattoo. but alas, you'd all have to get me so drunk i'd pass out and not realize what was going on until it was done. and when i woke up in the morning to find my wrist sore and itchy i'd have to kick your ass. :)

clearly i'm all for tshirt and the new web server and whatever else. and i'm good for my cash (although the pot is running low these days... silly christmas.)

my current roommate is a graphic designer, so she promised to create us a logo. as soon as the holidays pass i'll bug her to get on that. we're thinking black tshirts with the logo on the front, and the DPS matt nickel slogan on the back: "that which does not kill us becomes a poem". again, as soon as there's a logo we'll be taking orders. ;)

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Blogger Daniel said...

Ok, I added a link on the side of each page for donations.

Once I get enough... oh boy, big things will happen ;-)

Everyone who donates gets an official DPS email address, and personalized blog space.

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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

I'd be all about t-shirts and inviting Jack's class maybe having them start a tab for us.


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