Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Its all been heard before


I'm disappointed in the youth vote turnout; actually I'm disappointed in a lot of things - possibly the four more years. But those who spoke before expressed that poetry can be conducted in a bipartisan fashion. None of this donkey vs. elephant struggle.

I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the numbers from youth voter turnout. Only 11% of young registered voters turned out at the polls this year, which is ridiculous. That's 11% of all registered youth voters, just imagine if the entire 18 to 25 population registered then voted? We'd probably go to school for FREE!! 11% is NOT poetry. When was the last time you got an 11% on a paper? The nation as a whole is getting a D, at around 60%.

President Bush is going to have his hands full this term. The never-ending war in Iraq, threats of terrorism, and rising unemployment. There will be attempts to pack the Court from the Right, while the Left is going to be sleeping on the senate floor to barricade legislation. Yes, if Kerry were elected he would have faced similar battles-

The next few years we need to participate more in our elections. Politics has become more mainstream but we fail to take part. Everyone has heard this before, but this is what our founding fathers fought for our privilege that can be taken away-

ONe Drunken Poet EleCt.

I imagine many of you voted - but talk to your friends and family members out there that didn't. Tell them what's at stake. These next few years are going to be of great interest to everyone.


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