Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy November 2nd!

Today is election day, possibly the first for some of you, or perhaps possibly the first of which you will choose to excercise your wonderful right to vote. Get off your drunken asses and go vote, I think most of you know who I would prefer you vote for, but I would rather you vote period than not vote. Seriously, sober up long enough to go down to the polls...it's one of the most important rights you have been blessed with (through the long hard work and suffering of those before us). Excersize it! If you don't vote, don't let me find out about it...I will be more than upset. Besides, you get a cool little sticker, who doesn't like stickers??? Then tune in to the news tonight to find out who are next president will be, actually you will probably have to wait till tomorrow morning, or if we have another 2000ish type election, maybe we can wait until 2006 to find out who will be president. Either way, I hope that everyone who stops to enjoy a sip of the poetic justice that flows from this site has at least one vote that is counted today (those of you who claim to have already voted absentee, your vote wont actually be counted until about 5 pm or later this evening). And if you do vote, go out and congratulate yourself with a nice drink of choice...you deserve it. Maybe try putting it on Leahey's tab. Happy voting everyone. Much love from the passionate poetic political junkie...


Blogger Daniel said...

As I posted elsewhere this morning:

"This should be the rallying cry of every church, synagogue, and mosque in America: God have mercy on us and our nation and help us out of our need! But he will do this only if we become active. Even if we vote for the wrong party, may every vote this November be seen as a prayer to God for his intervention and his will to be done. If we see our vote in this way, then we will be united as a nation as never before."

- Johann Christoph Arnold, author, social critic, and senior pastor of the Bruderhof - an international communal movement dedicated to a life of simplicity, service, sharing, and nonviolence.

I voted absentee so I didn't get a cool sticker. I'm sitting in JP's today wishing I had one...

Will, thanks for your post. Holland folks: maybe we can organize a victory drink (or loser's party) sometime.

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