Friday, November 05, 2004

greetings, dear poets

Greetings, Dear Poets--

I've finally made my way onto this place.

Between swarming my ways in out of the halls of high school these past few months and enjoying the good mountains, I've found the time to read this deal frequently, but neglected to post.

This blog does such a good thing. I'm making my students create blogs. And, let me just say, with the way I was feeling all day Wednesday--I loved coming to this site to read something good, to hear frustrations and anxieties, to read a few poems along the way, to sustain.

One thing I've kept saying to myself this is how lucky we all are to have been exposed to the good--to the dungeon--to always have that place to go back too.

We're damn lucky.

Will and Dan--loved hearing about your patriotic brill in Holland. Just classic.




Blogger Daniel said...

Alicia, your nickname of 'AA' couldn't be any more appropriate for this group...

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