Monday, November 08, 2004


DPS, I love seeing us toss around the ole political pigskin here. Jack cought some of the e mails that where flying around about the election. He threw some thoughts down I thought you may take interest reading. PEACE- one drunken poet

From Jack:
I'll toss this into the cauldron.
I'm drawing on John Stuart Mill here, but that ain't all bad.

What MOST disturbed me about this election WAS the emphasis on moral values. This is extremely dangerous, perhaps mostly because it appears to be such a good thing. "YAY, the country finally cares about moral values." No, this says that the country wants the government to care about moral values and to make them into law. History shows the destructive results of that kind of thinking. Moral values and the debate over such belongs in the citizenry--in the pubs, the schools, churches, on street corners, around the kitchen table. The gov't is there to make sure every single citizen is given full citizenry. This vote revealed that even citizen is not to be granted full citizenry. Only those whose "moral values" are of a certain ilk, are to be given such. For example, I am in favor of gay marriage. However, even if I were opposed I would have to vote against the ban because this is a DEMOCRACY and a democracy is by nature inclusive and by nature grants full rights and privileges to one and all. Even if I were against gay marriage, I would maintain my position in the public forum and know better than to impose my moral values through law. And I hope I am not this selfish, but if I were selfish at all, I would hope that I was intelligent enough to realize that if this precedent is upheld, then I have sanctioned any moral value that obtains a majority of backing to be made into law. Good god, history has surely revealed what can happen if we are that naive as to think, "well, this is the
US, and that would never happen here." It would be wise to assure that it would never happen here.

Sad, very sad along the Lakeshore and feeling that I have failed in my 34 years of trying to teach critical thinking.


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