Sunday, November 07, 2004

A broken heart must beat on

Hear hear to mr. John Leahey! Seriously guys...11%??? What the fuck? That is bullshit. We have the power to revolutionize this country. Think about it. There are a shitload of us young voters. If we would just vote, and I mean really vote, not just register because some hot bitch in a tight tank top asked us to as we were dragging our fat asses around town, I mean seriously go to the polls, and expel the energy it takes to shade in one bubble, punch out one fucking punch hole, draw one fucking line, or do all that and take the time to lick a God Damned envelope and send it in absentee, then we would RUN this country. Old people vote...but most of them are dead by the time the next presidential elections come around again anyway...middle aged people vote...and politicians fact that's the only people they have to listen to! But if we just voted...we have the potential to be the largest voting populace in the United States of, we have the unique advantage of being the voters who (as a generation, I can't say the same for myself) look to be alive and here for most of the future. If we all voted...if even a majority of us voted...every fucking politician in this country would listen. From your podunk little town's mayor, to the Damn President...they would all put their ears to the train tracks and listen, listen, listen. Then they would be scared as shit, and then they would do what we asked! We would have a TRUE voice.

It is not too early to start telling your friends to vote again next time. There will be more elections in 2 years...don't let anyone tell you they aren't as important as this last one. Fucking vote. Vote like you will die if you don't! And while you are at it...maybe at gun point if you have to, get a few other non voters to vote too! Look, the people we put in power decide how our children's (those will come eventually as much as we want to put it off now) education looks, they will decide what our economy does, they will decide what our environment resembles (if anything), what cars you drive, where you live, who you love, where you vacation, what you read, everything! It's fucking important, vote vote vote! And please don't wait until the next elections with their negative add campaigns, and rich bourgousie politicos, and intelligent language to come around to impress upon people that voting is important. The sooner people realize it is necessary, the more likely they are to vote. The more likely they are to not be deterred by small unpleasantries that come with the electoral process.

Oh, and one more thing...if you didn't better not fuckin let me know. And if you do let me know...don't you dare throw some shitty ass excuse at me like you don't like our political system, because not participating in it will not help your cause at fucking all, and don't give me some bullshit about being underinformed or undecided...cause that is your God damned fault and your fault only. If you are old enough to vote, you are considered a contributing adult to our society. If you are not voting, you are just plain irresponsible. Truth is, even if Kerry had won, I would still be horribly dissapointed in the young voting turnout. I am sick and tired of being part of a lazy, selfish generation. Just vote. Just care about your future. Please.


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