Tuesday, October 19, 2004

toddie the little lost techie

..ok, so thanks to budris i think i may have this thing figured out....we shall see if it actually works, im not always the smartest cookie :) so this is my "hello" and "i love you all" post and thanks for letting me be a part of you. i think i may go take a walk now...autumn around here is my favorite poem...so go get your cheeks pink and write about the colorful quietness of fall. i cant stinken wait until you are all here!


Blogger Daniel said...

Welcome, Sarah!

You speak the truth - autumn is a wonderful poem.

I think I'll find a copy of the song "Autumn Leaves" and walk home from JPs in the brisk Holland air.

I can't wait to see many of you tomorrow!

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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

yes folks, sarah toddie is a little hottie...

can I say that?

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