Saturday, October 09, 2004

Learning to Breathe...

just wanted to send some love to my favorite poets! I spent the last week teaching poetry to 12th graders, and had so much fun doing it! We started with Billy Collins and Jack Ridl -- can't get much better than that. :) In any case, after a long week, I needed to read my favorite matt nickel poem one more time....just thought I'd share it with you.

Learning to Breathe

If there were some other way
I would take it.

Throw my leather satchel,
suitcase, guitar, camera
in the trunk,

We are taught to stay.

So I won't live in Vienna
or road trip to Vancouver,
run out of money
and settle down
to work a cafe, just to get by.

I won't let my car break down
passing through Idaho
for the final destination.

I won't get lost driving
through Montana,
North Dakota,
or even Michigan.

I am supposed to buy her a ring
or two,
settle down
letting the glow of prime time
turn my face blue,
her hand keeping my chest warm.

...makes me want to get into the car and drive, or take a plane to europe. But most importantly, it reminds me why I love poetry and why I can't wait for a week and a half from now when some of us are finally back together again! Love to you.


Blogger Matt said...

Thanks for the reminder karen. I dream about the freedom I felt when I wrote that peom. The long days in the car and the unknown adventure ahead. I guess I have always been a wandered, born and bred to move about. And here I am trying to start a small business and become a townie, at least for a year or two. You make me want to pack my bags, forget all my responsibility and run. It at least makes me wish I could start some business that could support us all in the location of our choice.

Buy us some houses around the same area, walk to work, and when the night falls, and the only desire are friends and the blurs of headlamps in the rearview, we could all just fly away.

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