Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I just wanted to point out that John Kerry has made a commitment to the arts. I hope every drunk poet is planning on voting. If you'd like to read more about Kerry's plans check out: http://www.johnkerry.com/pdf/kerry_and_the_arts.pdf
I thought maybe a good poetry prompt:
"Somewhere a village is missing their idiot...please send him back."


Blogger Daniel said...

Thanks John, I hope nobody is still unsure about Kerry, but this seems like one more great reason to vote for the guy!

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Blogger ziegenhagen said...

Word. Drop Bush. If the arts aren't enough reason to vote him out...his horrendous education policies should be. Not to mention many many many other shortcomings of his. Go Kerry! Thanks for the post and shout out Leahey.

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Blogger KTB said...

damn all you crazy, drunken, liberal poets... turning me into a politically concerned citizen. and a kerry supporter at that. thanks for the link leahey, good to know our presidential hopeful is concerned about the arts like all us little people.

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