Monday, October 25, 2004

Its not in the Cards

I'm sorry to make this announcement but I will not be able to attend the DOGWOOD Festival to hear the infamous mr collins. I was planning on going, planning on hitting the scene in dowagiac; at least buying a t-shirt. Mrs Leahey was set babysitting the good boy, Major too. I know a few are you are going that I told I'd be there-

The Red Sox picked it up in New York, and I'll be down in St. Louis to see the Sox win a game of cards.

Anyhow Jack will always be my poet laureate. Captain my captain.

MORE WRITING ON THE DPS BLOG, I can't see the drinking, but I can read your words.


Blogger KTB said...

leahey, you were there on wednesday night? how sweet is that? drunk poets everywhere... a toast to the red sox. crack open a cold one and pretend we're all celebrating together at skiles like last week.

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