Thursday, October 14, 2004

for your enjoyment...

Well, I caught some sort of bug, cause I can't stop writing, I'm sure it will disappear soon, but until then I'm gonna ride this thing out. Here's the latest...

The Crushes That Slip Between the Couch Cushions

I sit in this coffee house everyday,
and everyday I am stunned by some beauty
that walks through the door.

Soft brown hair tumbling down her
shoulders and spilling over her earthy sweater,
or a pair of deep chocolate eyes

telling of the exhaustion of innocence
and age. A compelling book in her lap or a pen,
ready to dictate the wildest dreams,

loveliest memories, or truest fears on a slightly
used napkin. Everyday I try halfheartedly to catch her
eye, to flash a smile.

In my mind
I explore the wonders of an unfolding romance,
Sunday papers in the living room, vineyard

walks in Italy, impatient sex
in the car, or Broadway plays
in my mind.

I know pursuing this evanescent crush
would be poisoning Athena, a swift destruction
of perfect beauty. And so the eyes go

uncaught. The smiles unflashed. That was
at least until She caught my eye,
until She smiled first. Slightly coy

but far from shy, she danced
between tables, allowing her curiosity
to lead her through her surroundings,

an infectiously excited guide, pointing
out oddly placed colors
and misshapen lines on the feet of each table,

and chair, and pair of crooked legs.
She would disappear
behind a couch, bury her face

in the cushions or study the contrast of piano keys
on silence, then return to stare and smile
purposefully in my direction, resuming her gentle swaying

excuse for dancing. Then, just when it seemed
as though she would come take my hand,
directing me through the cafe to teach me everything

she had just discovered, she would giggle,
turning a skittish shoulder in favor of the safety
behind the couch.

Causing me to smile and think to myself,
is there anything more beautiful
than a flirting three year-old?

Hope you enjoyed...keep writing. I'm gonna go get a drink. As always...puttin the Drunk back in Drunk Poets Society. Loves ya'll.


Blogger *k maria** said...

sooo good, willie. :) love it, like i did yesterday. i read the poems you sent me during my planning hour at school today - they were good for my soul! :) love to you - and hurry up and get here! :)

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