Monday, October 04, 2004

Drunken Poets' Homecoming

Captain et al,

A few drinks and a few poets later = Drunken Poets' Society
A few drinks, a few poets later, and a Mac = Drunk Poets' Blog?

Dang kids. This is SWEET. Dan, Katie, and Kyle did a nice job pulling this together, also thanks to Willie for gathering everyone's e mail. Now we can throw some words out from all over the country...

October 9, 2004
-Parrots Lounge-
11 (ish) o'clock
I hope everyone will be back in town for homecoming. I realize we usually began reading at new holland and brought the party over to parrots. I'm sure we could fill parrots with poems but lets fill parrots with a crowd of drunken poets. 1st alumni gathering. We can use grown up works like, networking to pull something like this for years to come. I'll try to re-introduce casual swearing, making out, and the like. Possibly act my age. And all the poets can keep me off the train, and continue to scream poetry while asked to get off the table again. And never forget the toast for JACK.
"Life is Good"


Blogger ziegenhagen said...

Leahey!!! Good shit to see you on board. This thing is kick ass...takes drunk poeting to a new level. An electronic level at that. Sorry about your cubbies man...go Bosox...and TWINS!!! I miss you man, hope I see you soon. I will send you a good update on my life soon. As soon as I can figure out what is updated. Bottoms up!

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Blogger Daniel said...

Man, why did I decide to go home this weekend???

I have to pass, but I hope y'all have a great time!

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Blogger lindsay said...

OF COURSE i'll be at parrots!!! wouldn't miss it! DPS!!

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Blogger One Drunken Poet said...

well homecoming ended with me sleeping on the beach with Major...aka the dog. I had a great time, I don't remember if I saw any of you. But if I did...yah that was sweet. Maybe I should have broke in Jack's house? There's always next year!

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