Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Come on over

HEY EVERYBODY!!! Well, the word around town is that I am finally here in Holland. So if you too are here in Holland, or possibly nearby, like Zealand, or Chicago, or Florida, you should also do what you have to do to also be here in Holland, cause I want to see you. Anyway, I think I heard something about a DPS meeting tonight at the brewery or something, so I figure that will be a good place to find all you I will see you there!!! Lovies.


Blogger KTB said...

wow kids... is it possible to still be hungover on friday from wednesday night's escapades? haha. for real though, it was great to see you all. and those of you who weren't there were missed. let's make sure reunions like this happen every so often. it's good to just BE with you all, to feel for a little while that something is right in the world. long live the dps! :)

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