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What 2nd Graders Know

This is for everyone going (back) to school this fall, or for the rest of us that need a quick smile. There is a link to the story, or (since the Tribune requires an annoying but free registration) I have also posted the text as a comment (click below).


Yay for 2nd graders!


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What 2nd graders know

By Monica Eng
Tribune staff reporter

September 7, 2004

Kindergarten is for kiddies. Everyone knows that the real work begins in the 1st grade, which for thousands of Chicago Public School kids starts today.

And so as they gulp down their breakfasts, pull on their socks and brush their teeth this morning, scores of nervous 1st graders are no doubt being bombarded with last-minute advice.

Most will come from parents, teachers, crossing guards and principals -- all of whom mean well, we're sure. But for the clearest view on 1st-grade survival there's nothing like advice from the experts, the veterans: the 2nd graders (in this case, Mrs. Donna LoCoco's class at Washington Irving Elementary School in Oak Park).

Here's what they said.

What to do if you're at school and you miss your parents

- "You could think of them in your head."

- "Maybe you could bring a picture of your mom and dad if the teacher lets you, and that way you wouldn't miss them a lot."

- "You can find someone who looks like your mom or dad and look at them."

How to act on the bus

- "Be responsible, and listen to the bus driver, and always keep your seat belt on."

- "You shouldn't be having gum and doing homework on the bus because if you make a really fast turn, you could choke on the gum and poke somebody with a pencil."

What to wear

- "Long pants with gym shoes because if you have sandals you can hurt your feet on the play-ground."

- "No-sleeve shirts to keep cool."

Tips for walking to school

- "Go with your mom and dad because if you live by Ridgeland it would be hard to cross that busy street."

- "You have to have a grown-up to cross the street because there might be some bad people with dogs who will make you pet them and stuff."

- "If you are walking with a grown-up, you should remember to hold their hand."

How to deal with bullies

- "Ignore them, and they will go away."

- "Go tell a teacher or whoever is outside on the playground that bullies are messing with you."

- "If they call you names, you should say it doesn't hurt you."

- "When you first see a bully or someone who is taller than you, you should just start walking and go back to your classroom."

- "If they push you, you should push 'em back and then go tell the teacher."

- "When a bully catches you, you should go under their legs and run inside."

How to make sure you are not late

- "You wake up early, at like 7 o'clock, and you go and brush your teeth and eat breakfast and get dressed, and then you can go to school."

- "Don't go to sleep late because then you can't wake up early and you will be late to school."

- "You need to get up really early and get dressed and brush your teeth and run to school and have a watch with you."

What you shouldn't bring for lunch

- "You shouldn't bring a lot of brownies or more than one piece of cake because then you might get sick."

- "You shouldn't bring worms for lunch."

Water fountain etiquette

- "When you are getting a drink of water and someone is taking a really long time, you shouldn't push them because they could chip a tooth."

- "If somebody is getting a drink of water and you are holding the [handle], there are two things that can happen. One is if you touch [the stream] and it splashes, then you could get germs inside their mouth, and the other is if you push it too hard, it will splash inside the person's face."

How to make friends

- "When somebody is crying or they got hurt, you can bring them to their teacher, and then they will say, `Will you be my friend and play with me,' and then you will be able to be their friend."

- "You might have a friend who goes to the same class except that person has another friend that you don't know, and if you always play together you can soon be friends with them too."

- "If nobody wants to be your friend, you can make an imaginary friend."

How to keep up on homework

- "You should do it before you do some other stuff. Don't wait until it is dark and late and your bedtime."

- "If you have homework and you don't have to turn it in the next day, you should do one page of math and then one page of reading each day so that when you have to return it you are finished."

What 1st-graders can do when they reach 2nd grade

- "If you be really good and you have a science teacher who could teach you how to build a volcano."

- "You can learn how to write in cursive, and so if you are writing something private and somebody wants to look at it and they don't know how to read cursive, then they won't be able to read it."

General advice for 1st graders

- "Don't mess with the teacher or anyone in your class."

- "Don't give up. Just keep on trying."


Our second-grade advisers were: Anna, Cameron, Christopher, Dylan, Erin, Hanna, Jacob, Jenna, Lan- Jian, Leraud, Ma'aulyce, Megan, Nathan, Nia, Roniqua, Sofie, Stephanie and Suzanna.

Copyright (c) 2004, Chicago Tribune

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